AngularJS + ASP.NET Web API: Building a simple grid in AngularJS with server-side paging, sorting, searching (Part 5)

Before we delve into implementing sorting and searching, I would like to spend some time on unit testing. Unit tests for me are fundamental to any software development endeavor. I’ve been in the trenches long enough to know the importance of writing unit tests. The presence of unit tests also shows discipline & there is a positive correlation between unit tests and code quality. In my opinion writing unit tests is sacrosanct to the discipline of crafting software. Period.

So, now without more ado, let’s see how one can unit test angular code. There is some setup required. First, add a new project of type “Unit Test Project” and name this project NgWebApiGrid.Web.Tests.

Next, install Chutzpah; Chutzpah is a test runner and without this add-on the JavaScript unit tests you write in say Jasmine will not get recognized i.e. they will not appear in the Test explorer. Chutzpah is available as a Visual Studio add-on and to install it go to Tools menu option and then select extensions and updates

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